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Default Re: What did you think of Amy Adams' Lois Lane?

Originally Posted by Fizicks View Post
Agreed! Call me old-school or whatever, but I've always loved the Superman/Lois/Clark love-triangle, and also the banter and rivalry between Clark and Lois.

But most people seem to like the fact that Lois knows that Clark and Superman are the same person in MOS. As you said, for realism.
Are you not aware Lois has found out on numerous occasions in her 75 years? They were married in the golden age and engaged then married over decade and half till the reboot in 2011. You seem to think the triangle goes away once Lois knows the secret.
It doesn't she and Clark have to keep the pretense that Clark and Superman aren't one of the same. Comics after Lois finds out have played to that. So that means Lois can't act the same way she does with both persona's in public. In private well that's another matter.

The final scene set up everything you're familiar with and hopefully Goyer has included a lot of Daily Planet/ Reporting scenes where you can see both of them in familiar territory.

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