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Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Right. Blake is not dumb nor impetuous. He didn't dare try to save the day until there was no other choice, because all his other cop friends were arrested the night before the bomb was going to go off and he needed to do something. Plus he talked Gordon out of speaking in public when Bane took over.

I also imagine that since he's buds with the priest heading the boys' home that's since moved to Wayne Manor, he'd be able to get a position there where he could actually live there and make sure the cave entrance stays hidden. Bruce choosing Blake to be his successor is not random.

The last scene gets me every time. JGL plays the inspiring, eager, ingenue upstart to a tee.
I remember talking to you about the TDKR ending back when everyone had heard what it was, no one had seen it, and most people had already decided they hated it. Good/weird times.

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