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Vince Gilligan and Co. are much better story tellers than Nolan and Co. That Breaking Bad documentary is proof of that and Gilligan is way more humble and open about the process than anything for TDKR or even the other two films.

It's apples and oranges. Gilligan said during the finale that a lot of the ideas they came up with were last minute decisions that happened to work out perfectly. The shooting scripts (especially during season 3) were changed up DURING shooting and actors even got a say in what they wanted to do. That's much more unique than Nolan's strict "we're adhering to the final script, that's all" (which I think is BS personally).

Knowing Walt's final moment in your head for 4 additional seasons is a lot different than supposedly knowing Bruce Wayne's journey. Especially when your character has cancer, is described as having a "Scarface downfall" since it's conception, and is on a crash course for death. Besides, Breaking Bad doesn't have one "main character" during it's run, but several. Jesse, Skylar and even Walt Jr. had different original fates all through the story process. So using Breaking Bad as an example is a stretch and TDKR is no where near the quality of Breaking Bad's writing (or the "trilogy" even though I love Begins and Dark Knight). Gilligan and his team are much more fluid and organic storytellers whereas Nolan comes off as this extreme tight ass. Their documentaries should be proof of how different the two styles are.

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