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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I said i was out, but i couldnt help but respond to "And he also made Looper. Ew"? That was a fantastic sci-film movie.
But see, the crux of the issue is that not everyone agrees with each other and have different views on why something is inherently "good" or "bad". Lobster attempted to bring Rian Johnson into the mix because he's a supporter of TDKR and, well, I'm not really impressed with Rian Johnson.

I notice you do that a lot Shauner. Someone says, "I didn't like that, here's why . . . ". Then your post is, "well, I luved that". Well, no duh. There wouldn't be a discussion if it was constantly. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE or HATE HATE HATE HATE. Looper does nothing for me and I thought Bloom was awful. The Breaking Bad episodes? I loved the Season 5 opener and Ozymandias. You know what I also loved? How EVERY episode was directed by a different person and still kept it cohesive. Blood Money doesn't look much different than 51, why is that? Hmm, the director? Nope. Bryan Cranston directed the former. Could it be the crew? I think it could be.

You guys always fall back on to other avenues or successes to put TDKR on a pedestal. You worry about how it will look in 20 years in comparison to Star Wars or Indiana Jones. You have this little rodeo where you try to rope in other sources from a guy that directed something and is a supporter of the movie we're battling. Well, yeah. I'm sure a lot of people loved TDKR and have worked on things I've enjoyed. But so what? Other filmmakers saying they enjoyed another filmmakers work? OMG, mind blowing? How often do you see them rip each other? Unless your a PoS like Spike Lee or Wally Pfister, most people in the business keep their mouth shut about other peoples works, unless it's high praise or good things. That's the etiquette and what's expected. You never know who you might be working with tomorrow.

But we're not talking about them. There's you, there's me, and everyone else in here contributing to the threads. That's the discussion.

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