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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by batboy99 View Post
The KC suit is cool and worked for that story. That being said, I don't think that is the right way to go. It does look very RoboCop.

And the Batman Beyond suit IS Batman. Just not Bruce's Batman.
I didn't read Kingdom Come, so can't comment on how it worked for the story. It looks like ass to me just from a design standpoint, but maybe the story is super gripping. I should give it a read.

As for Batman Beyond - I guess I don't consider anyone other than Bruce Wayne to BE Batman. Adopting the name Batman, even with Bruce Wayne's blessing, doesn't mean you are Batman, in my book. For example, say that Nirvana had continued after Kurt's death with the full legal right to do so and even with Kurt's blessing (this is morbid, I know)... I don't think that band would BE Nirvana. Sure, it's a band called Nirvana. But it's not *Nirvana.* That's my basic point. Batman Beyond is Batman, but not *Batman.*

Or maybe just not "your" Batman. But that doesn't make it any less Batman.
The campy, bright colour Batman is as much the character as is the Dark, Brooding loner version.
I know you seem to equate the blue color of some of the manips with being campy... but just tell me. Does this guy look campy to you? Or like a Dark, Brooding loner about to kick some serious ass? Who happens to recognize that midnight blue blends in better with a city at night...

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