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Originally Posted by batboy99 View Post
What did they want in watchmen?

I also think that movie is underrated. I quite enjoy it. Even Ackerman. Everyone makes it out like her performance is the worst thing ever. It's really not. Sure she wasn't Haley as Rorschach good, but still.
For whatever reason, critics and fans love to **** on the performances of the female leads in a lot of superhero films. I think that's really unfair, particularly since often the actress is relegated to playing the thankless role of "love interest". The only time I really agreed with those criticisms was with Katie Holmes in BB and Kate Bosworth in SR.

Personally, I thought Ackerman more than held her own with the rest of the Watchmen cast and never understood the criticisms against her.

As for Jett, I would take anything he says with a grain of salt. I see him kind of the same way I see Harry Knowles -- the fanboy creator of a popular genre website who deludes himself that he's part of the Hollywood "in-crowd" just because he's met a few bigwigs and gotten some free stuff, when really the studios are using him much as they would any other source of free publicity.

Jett is no better than El Maybe when it comes to the rumours he spreads, and everything he says in that interview smacks of guesswork and speculation. I sure as hell hope that they're not going to water down Wonder Woman's origins by making her a Superman-related character.

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