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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

Originally Posted by Lencho01 View Post
Well, Avengers gave us both ways. Thor and Iron Man looked dumb for fighting and Cap had to put a stop to that. Then, we had Loki messing with their minds to have them all argue and in Cap and Iron Man's case, thinking having a physical fight will solve their argument in a good way.
I hope that Batman and Superman don't come off like the Avengers did. I didn't like the character fights in Avengers at all. They seemed silly in both cases. The fights seemed so...inconsequential. There was no weight to them. They were "fun" fights that the audience could enjoy because they looked cool, provided an opportunity for a couple of quips and had no fall-out/little effect on the plot. That is exactly what I don't want in this movie. This is going to be a challenge.

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