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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

I definitely don't want to see a Batman versus Superman film. I remember them from reading World's Finest Comics, and they were always best friends.

Surely there is enough plot availabilities to bring Bruce Wayne to Metropolis to help rebuild the city with the assets of Wayne Enterprises. And when there, Batman's detective skills lead him to know that Clark Kent is the secret identity of Mr. Hope.


ps. It would have been nice to see the Dark Knight continue with what was already established in Nolan's trilogy: Bruce being with Selena Kyle; Blake taking on a role as a major protector of Gotham; Alfred, Gordon, and Fox already established. THE MAIN PROBLEM WITH THIS is that there are way, way too many people at the end of TDKR who know that Bruce Wayne is Batman! For instance, how the men & women who put together the Tumbler didn't know immediately that this was from the Wayne stable is beyond my understanding --- and this was before Fox's bunker was taken out by Bane!

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