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Default Re: Bonus Material on the IM3 DVD&BR

Originally Posted by GENERAL RAAM582 View Post
Yeah, I'm waiting for Phase 2. I never really waited for Phase 1, but I just didn't own any of the movies and that came out and I'm a sucker for collections like that so I got it. Knowing that that is probably their plan, I shall wait till the Phase 2 Set.
I'd gotten both the first Iron Man films as gifts, got TIH at a discount and hadn't bothered purchasing any of the others although I enjoyed everything so the boxset just made sense.

It still was a bit half assed in some regards, especially considering how long they delayed it.

Not too mention, none of the movies are worth owning so far anyway.
Both had their flaws but I've got such a huge appreciation for what Marvel Studios is doing I can be forgiving, even if some of the decisions they make keep it from being truly astounding.

I've got high hopes that Guardians will actually have some balls.

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