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Default Re: BOBA FETT and Young HAN SOLO Spin-Offs Being Planned?

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
On your second point, I still don't quite see how that is? He tracked the Falcon (over the course of a few shots) and then... I guess didn't get shot?
How he tracked him by exiting through the garbage chute showed how he out-clevered Han, which is a pretty big feat. Even though I'm pretty biased, you could provide more examples of how cunning he can be in his movie.

And I agree with you though that they could "bulk" him up abit as he looked kinda slender in the OT. And as much as I'd prefer him to never take off his helmet, knowing it's Disney and their incessant NEED to always show their actors faces, I still stand by wanting Manu Bennett as him.

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