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I am actually glad that they seem just to be introducing Sharon in this film because it allows the film to bring closure to the Peggy/Steve relationship properly, so I think Peggy will still be the 'love interest' in the film but she has obviously changed, so by the end of the film, you start to see hints of the new Cap/Sharon relationship for the sequels. I don't think Cap and Sharon will 'kiss' in this film or actually get together, but you will get strong hints that they will in sequels.

Steve has too much unfinished business with the past which the audience is waiting to see resolved, so to begin any new relationships will end up being rushed and a mistake.

As for Natasha, I REALLY hope she isn't a love interest for Cap and are JUST friends and work/field partners with a fun friendly banter and that set photo of them kissing is most probably just part of a scheme or something on a mission.

Also I think Falcon is Cap's modern day sidekick and not Natasha all that much, so I hope in future films she not going to take over the screen time from Falcon and Black Widow becomes the secondary sidekick character in all the future Cap films.

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