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Originally Posted by Terror Inc. View Post
You know, I've been wondering about the Hulk. In the comics he's a founding member, but he split after dealing with Loki, and has never been important to the Avengers until recently. Personally I wouldn't mind something happening and Hulk/Banner walking away. It'd be a good homage to the comics and open up another potential roster spot. However after how well received his appearance was in the Avengers, I think its pretty safe to say that the jade giant is stickin around.

As far as who I think is gonna bite it, my money is on Fury and his fake death/LMD trick. It sets up Hill to become director and would create all sorts of tension in future movies. Plus it's classic Fury.

I agree. SLJ would tug at the heart strings the most. He brought them together, now they have to carry on without him.

I mean, Hawkeye is the easy kill since he'll probably never get his own film, he has too much overlap in skills with Captain America and Black Widow and outside of The Avengers, he only had a tiny bit part in Thor. Based on what we know so far, it probably won't be Hulk or Thor from Lou Ferrigno's comments and the cliffhanger in Thor 2, respectively. Robert Downey Jr being contracted for Avengers 3 means that he probably won't die.

Chris Evans also has one more film on his contract so while it may be possible for him to die, it probably won't be here. War Machine and Black Widow could bit it but killing the first black or female member of The Avengers could cause a backlash and it's way too obvious.

Scarlet Witch is a very important member of the team so it's probably not her but Quicksilver has always been far more important to the X-Men than the Avengers unless we're talking about the Ultimate universe. Quciksilver may perish to get scarlet Witch to join The Avengers so she can gain revenge on Ultron so he and Nick Fury are the two most obvious choices. One furthers the plot, the other tugs on the heartstrings.

As far as killing the big major characters goes, that should be saved for part 3 when Thanos can go on a massive rampage and murder most of the cast. Granted, by that point, it'll be okay since they all return to life at the end.

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