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Default Re: What did you think of Amy Adams' Lois Lane?

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
That doesn't work because then he can think about going back. Krypton HAS to explode.

Lois knowing Clarks secret beforehand actually makes sense.

Stop been acting like a child seriously.
I think you should take your own advice.

You're being inconsistent. On the one hand, a change to the conventional mythos is 'new, fresh, modern, and rational', while another just can't possibly work under any circumstances. Maybe if you explained yourself outside of "it just makes sense while yours doesn't", you could get others to understand. You argue like the countless fans who put this movie on a pedestal, in that every creative decision Snyder made is infallible, yet any outside suggestions are ill-conceived, be they traditional, contemporary, or otherwise.

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