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Default Re: Are Superman III and IV really THAT bad?

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Both SUPERMAN III and IV have their moments. All the films have their moments. I'm not sure what people are smoking to watch SUPERMAN III and consider it a remotely good movie, though. Other than the stuff between Clark and Lana, it's mostly just awful attempts at comedy. Superman constantly forgets he has powers, so that he can look more clever with a longer sequence, and apparently also forgets what Kryptonite looks like. It's kind of silly how contrived it all is. And "best special effects of the franchise"? Is that a joke? Braniac-lite is a crime, and its take on technology is offensive even by 80's sci-fi/technology standards. Pryor's just there. He doesn't really add or subtract anything to the film. He just bumbles through it as a plot device.

Reeve does gives a good performance in SUPERMAN III, especially as Evil Superman in combat, but what's with his appearance all of a sudden? Suddenly his hair is almost brown with highlights in it, making him look much older.

And did anyone notice that Margot Kidder basically gets less into her role with each film, and less concerned about her hair?
I don't think people are saying Superman III is a good movie just that its nowhere near as bad as its made out to be.

I don't think he forgets what Kryptonite is, look at the way he looks at it. But it doesn't hurt him so maybe he assumes its just a green crystal, its already starting to effect his mind. Also the look is simply to do with the modofied Kryptonite turning him evil, I guess in some ways you could maybe compare it to Lord of the Rings with the ring changing the holders appearance ageing them etc only here because he's Superman he can snap back. Don't forget his suit is also Kryptonian so that may be why it turns dark. But mostly its just symbolic to show this isn't your friendly Superman but a darker version.

That's bevause Margot Kidder had problems that escalated and escalated. She was heabily into drug addiction around this time.

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