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Default Re: Why The First DC Cinematic Batman Movie Villain Should Be Killer Croc

Killer Croc could be used in a scene or two but he isn't a very intelligent character. He's one-dimensional. He's predictable and not very marketable. Predictable in the sense that we've seen the Lizard just a year and a half ago, and this would actually be a dumbed down version of that. The general audience won't respond to a giant alligator tormenting Batman unless he's in a very small role. The Brian Azarello more grounded approach to Waylon Jones would be the best direction to go in.

And i disagree with you when you say they need to give the people a brand new villain for the next solo movie. That's just not true. They can give us a proper Riddler, Freeze or Penguin and it would go over much better.

Are you seriously gonna use friggin KURGAN! who can't act his way out of a paper bag to play this role? He's the best actor for the role? WHAT!? OK like i said, if they use him for a scene or two as hired muscle OK. I personally prefer Croc to be African-American but that's fine. But anymore time than that, i would give up as a fan.

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