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Default Re: Why Joker, Penguin, and Riddler should appear in DC Cinematic Batman 2 Film

Riddler doesn't have to be handsome. I doubt Guy Pearce will play a villain like Riddler. He played a villain for Marvel, and was practically playing Edward Nygma from Batman Forever in his early scenes with Stark.

Don't like the idea of Wes Bentley for Joker either. But i like the casting you had for the rest.

Hoffman isn't the only actor who can play Penguin. David Suchet would have been great 10 years ago, or 5. But Toby Jones could play Cobblepot now. Depending on how big of a role he has, there may be more options. Meaning they may not need a huge name. Hoffman would be fantastic though.

I think Sharlto Copley has a good chance in playing either Riddler or Joker. Maybe Neil Blomkamp can direct a future Batman Beyond movie, and after Copley has already played a villain in one of the Affleck solo movies, he and Blomkamp could reunite for Beyond.

I wouldnt mind Katie Sackhoff as Harley but i dont know if she'll be in this universe. Jane Levy is also a good choice for the role.

Deadshot is boring and barely a Batman character anymore. I hope they ignore him.

Freeze or Clayface would be a better choice. And yeah, Joker/Penguin/Riddler are musts for this new take.

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