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Default Re: Funcom tops Oslo stock exchange, invests heavily in The Secret World

The Secret World: 2014 Means Tokyo According to Latest Director's Letter

The Secret World's site has been updated with the latest Game Director's Letter. This time, however, the letter wasn't actually penned by Joel Bylos but by Lead Designer Romain Amiel. In it, Romain talks about what the team has most recently accomplished and goes on to the exciting news that this year will mark the arrival of Tokyo!
As for the rest of 2014, let's see. As soon as you are done cleansing the current gate of its Filth for the Whispering Tide, the next and final phase of the event will occur. You will finally get to fight "Flappy". After months of having him knocking you off branches in Agartha it's time for pay back.
You can take on "Flappy" in an massive 60-man indoor raid fight, but whether you join the battle alone or with a team you will be rewarded as long as you participate. This fight will be available until Agartha has been fully reclaimed and the way to the Tokyo branch has been discovered.
Issue #9 will be released within the first quarter of 2014, and as you already know it will allow each faction to continue following the main story, as well as discovering new characters that will offer a host of new missions. It will also introduce another progression system, the AEGIS, that Joel described in his last letter. Issue #9willbe our biggest content update to date by far.
Issue #10 and #11 should follow soon(tm) after, each allowing you to discover new areas and challenges in Tokyo. For the high end players, issue #10 will also add a new Lair, and issue #11 a new raid.

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