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Default Re: Superman Returns Appreciation Thread

Oh yes, count me right in for this. Even though i love MOS, and that love seems to grow with each viewing, same as it did with SR in 2006, I still think SR is a great movie and a different type of Superman story. Its sort of like an elseworlds story come to life. I would also like to transfer my thoughts on the climax from the other thread:

As for the climax I loved what we got in the movie, it was powerful stuff for me, Superman picking up and throwing the last remnant of his home world into space to save his adopted world. Its the culmination of the theme of the movie, alienation. Superman is feeling alone the whole movie, hence his return to Krypton at the start, he cant seem to let his home planet go because he feels alienated on Earth.

Then he does what he does to New Krypton, nearly killing himself in process, and finally letting go of his home world, then falling back to Earth with the humans watching helplessly. He is then told by Lois that there IS someone else like him in the universe, and its his son. Powerful stuff IMO.

2014 movie ratings out of 10:

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