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Default Re: Spiderman in the Avengers "world"?

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
spidey is no longer the main attraction. iron man is.
Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
Why do people want him in the MCU. how will it BENEFIT SPIDER-MAN?

All the talk is for the benefit of The Avengers but none of it is about whats best for his character.

Same with X-Men, people just want Wolverine so he can be an Avenger and don't give two ****s about The X-Men.

I hope they never join the MCU, not only because they are good where they are but imo the MCU movies are becoming too samey and comedic for my taste.
your hope will probably be the most realistic one. but, it shouldn't be a question as to why people want him in mcu. how would it benefit spiderman? well asm is the lowest grossing spiderman film ever.
Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
I know, the constant talk of it is tiresome. It's not going to happen for a long, long time. Harping on about it is an excersise in futility.
it will never disappear. ever
Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
It bugs me more that people say Spiderman, it's Spider-Man.
spiderman is easier to type.
Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I don't think Spider-Man has to appear in an Avengers film but I do think his existence within the MCU needs to be established. The MCU feels really empty to me without Spidey being there. It would be like having a DC universe without a Batman or a Superman.

Spidey being in the MCU doesn't have to mean he will join the Avengers. He can still operate solo in the universe with only small cameos and easter eggs there to establish they're in the same universe (i.e. a Daily Bugle article on the table in an Avengers film). Even if he does appear in an Avengers film, it doesn't even mean he has to join the team. He could still have his solo films over at Sony where he is focused on his side of the Marvel universe but still help out the Avengers once in a while. Both Sony and Marvel would make a bit of extra cash from that.

If he will ever appear in a Marvel Studios film, my gut feeling is telling me it will be in Avengers 3. The reason I say that is because that's when Thanos will most likely be done. It took the entire Marvel universe to beat Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Assuming that Thanos will have the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers 3, I can't picture just a couple of Avengers being able to beat him. I think the team will need all the help they can get. That's why I think Avengers 3 will be more of a Marvel Superheroes film than an Avengers film, and Marvel will probably try to get as many characters that they can get their hands on to battle Thanos. Assuming that Sony and Marvel still have the same good relationship they have now, I think that is when Spider-Man has the most chances of appearing in any MCU film.
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"some guy" sounds like an idiot
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'you know what let this discussion go.'
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