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Default Re: What did you think of Amy Adams' Lois Lane?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
No, she didn't found out until the end of Spider-man 2.

And the genre hasn't moved on in terms of identity reveling since Raimi. Burton had Batman revealing his identity back in 1989.

But in Superman's case, the whole dynamic between Clark and Lois starts as a trio. And there's a desire of Clark of being accepted by Lois regardless his powers and other superheroic self.

Same thing with Lois knowing everything about Superman from the start. It takes a big piece away and doesn't work as well as if she thought Superman and Clark were different people at first.

Well, Smallville was an atrocity committed against Superman. It was its own thing with the Superman universe names thrown in it.

Spider-man's constant unmasking is still one of Raimi's criticisms. Unmasking yourself before a whole train... not clever.
Nope she knows at the end of 1 after she kisses him, well lets say suspects. Hence the reason she tries the upside down kiss on her fiance.

See I van't take you serious when you say Smallville was an atrocity. No it wasn't you didn't like it thats all their is to that. It was another take on the Superman lore, one that was very faithful to the comics in actual fact.

We will simply have to disagree on the love triangle because we aren't gonna convince one another either way.



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