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Default Re: What did you think of Amy Adams' Lois Lane?

How have I let my love of his film get in the way of discussion exactly? I just prefer Lois knowing as I did on Smallville. I don't see what else I've objected to exactly, as for my objection to Krypton blowing up that's just a personal preference as that's the way its always been and I don't think it works without that.

Do you have some sort of problem with me loving this film? And last I checked if someone does love something then why would they want it to be any different?

It makes Lois smarter because a simple pair of glasses and a meek personality don't blind her from seeing the two men she's closest to are one in the same.

You're turning this discussion into something its not. I'm not insulting anyone I'm saying it makes the characters smarter.

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