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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
"I am the rocks of the eternal shore, Crash against me and be Broken!" I love him

As for the horsemen, if we think about it, Apocalypse has to be of larger scope than DOFP so it really would be good to have lots of x-men, lots of locations. Each horseman in a different country with the x-teams going to them... Okay I really did like the X-Men evolution way of doing the horsemen haha.
me too! it was a really god way to addapt the story, and I loved seeing all the mutants split in teams all over the world.

That was awesome and would be great to see something like that on the franchise.

Like small teams of 4 or 5 mutants, each one on a different country. Egipt, SouthAmerica, Asia, etc.

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