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Default Re: So which companies are doing the CGI/VFX?

Originally Posted by matrix_ghost View Post
There is a chance of weta becoming the main vendor. Even though thry will be busy with vfx work on then3rd hobbit
Movie , they still could handle The big shots of this flicks. Im hoping they work on the digital doubles because i just wasnt a fan of the digital doubes in mos. Double negative was responsible for thos shots and i just didnt think they looked real.
While I agree that Weta must do most of the CGI of MOS2. I didn't agreed of the double negative. while it normal speed it looks really cool and you need to freeze the image to notice some issues and you can't denny the difficulty of adapting Superman (he doesn't wear a mask or helmet)
MPC also did some CGI doubles as Double Negative, and most of them were really cool. Most of them were pretty good but due to the speed effect most of the shots weren't clear enough to see at first glance.

notice these shots, If I haven't been told this is CGI, I wouldn't have noticed.

I really appreciate how Snyder did adapt superspeed and how superman will look in a real world. But I mean in the next movie I want to see some Slow-motion and slower glances of Superman.
I want to know if Weta is good at CGI doubles (also I hope some practical effects for Supes) because he hasn't done this kind of effect (I mean real faces).


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