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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

What if every character got a trailer? I mean, WB would be doing a pretty big media blitz, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that it'd have more trailers than usual films do, especially given the fact that there could be online-only trailers, etc... I remember there being certain trailers and/or featurettes for Avengers, for example, that focused entirely on certain characters. So, with that in mind, here's one:


We are following the footsteps of a lone figure, only able to see his fancy shoes and the bottom of his nice dress-pants. We hear a click-clack as he walks on the almost hospital-like floor, as if the floor is made of some sort of metal. Like it's been reinforced. As the man reaches some sort of door and we hear the beeps-and-boops of security panel (we brief cut to see his hands punch in the code of 2-4-1-9-4-0), we hear his voice. It's a calm but charismatic voice, with some sophistication behind it but also coldness.

MAN (V.O.)
I've never been much for mythology, I've always liked to focus more on the future....

The door opens, and we now enter...

It's on the darker side, but still lit enough where we can see things. We now see the figure walk from behind, his figure in silhouette, moving towards the back of the large laboratory as what few scientists are there scatter out of his way, with the exception of one or two who just pass him some papers that he quickly discards as he continues to speak to us in VO.

MAN (V.O.)
But some things can be learned from it. For one, they tell us that all men must die. We are weak, our bones can shatter, age can ravage us... we are but playthings to greater beings....

QUICK CUT of a figure, perhaps THE BATMAN, being thrown through a wall by some unseen assailant, before we cut back to the man walking through.

MAN (V.O.)
...But, it also tells us that even the strongest can be defeated. In Norse Myth, the god Balder was felled by an arrow of mistletoe, in the Bible, the giant Goliath was felled by a boy with a sling...

The man is stopped by an important-looking scientist, who shakes the man's hand and the man continues his speech...

MAN (V.O.)
...There was some Persian hero who could only be killed by something made from some special tree. And then, there was Achilles...

The Scientist motions to the man to follow him, and they begin to head towards a small container near the back of the laboratory.

MAN (V.O.)
...He was a demigod, but his mother wanted more. She bathed him in the river Styx, bringing him immortality to all areas where his skin touched the water.... he was free of all harm...

SNAP CUT to bullets bouncing off a blue-clad body, presumably SUPERMAN'S, before we cut again to the man and the scientist. We see them now looking at the container, the lighting just dark enough for us not to see who they are... the Man begins to open the container...

MAN (V.O.)
He was immortal everywhere... except the place his mother held him by....

A GREEN LIGHT comes out of the container, bathing LEX LUTHOR and EMMET VALE...

...his heel.

LEX grabs the KRYPTONITE from the container and holds it up... and SMILES.

And as we fade to the title image of the Superman S and Batman insignia interlocked, we hear a garbly recording of some classically trained actor reciting some of Apollo's words to the Trojan Paris before he killed Achilles.

“-Take good aim at great Achilles and at last avenge your hapless brothers whom he gave to death."

Cut to release date. Fade to black.

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