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Default Re: Worst X-Men Movie?

Hard choice, in terms of plot and execution I say Wolverine Origins was the worst. It looked cheap, the story plot was terrible and some of the characters were terrible like Deadpool and Emma among others. I've seen Wolverine Origins only twice and the first time it was when it leaked online before release. The Last Stand while bad as well it at least had a few cool moments and didn't look cheap for the most part, which was FOX's most expensive movie at the time.

X-Men The Last Stand was so disappointing. I expected a a good Phoenix story especially after the ending of X2 and we didn't even get Phoenix rising from the lake scene. They killed Cyclops and Xavier early and then the story felt rushed like if they wanted to get to the action scenes as quickly as possible.

The 2004 - 2009 FOX marvel stuff is of the past now and they seem to be fixing quite a few mistakes.

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