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Default wat if they built up to x men, like avengers?

okay, so avengers is the most successful, highest grossing comic book movie, ever. and the hype built up more and more by releasing films each in the same universe as each other.

which culminated to 5 to 6 superheroes, coming together. that's essentially wat x men is as well, dozens of superheroes appearing onscreen together. my question/theory is this:

obviously fox focuses on wolverine as the main character in all of its cinematic lore. so, wat if they started off with him, as an origin story, and then a magneto and xavier origin story similar to first class, and so on, and so forth, until we get to something like X Men - a film where all of them are finally culminated on screen to fight alongside together, finally - instead of starting off that way, the same way I heard they were gonna do the justice league movie (that might have would have been doomed to fail).

do you think the x men films would have been more well received/higher grossed/more popular?

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