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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

-The scene begins with a slow camera shot of the stadium,fans cheering in unison.-

Commentator: well here we are people, here to watch two rival collages play some football! Gotham vs Metropolis!

(Fans go nuts)

-inside one of the booths up in the gods, Bruce Wayne is seated with lex.-

Lex: I'm telling you Bruce, this alien is trouble. Without rules and restrictions it's a ticking time bomb my friend, and we owe it to the people to be better prepared for the inevitable.

(Bruce remains silent, watching the game unfold.)

Lex: come with me this Saturday and I'll show you something, something that will allow the people of metropolis to sleep sound in their beds.

(Bruce breaks away from the game. )

Bruce: having trouble sleeping luthor?

( lex smiles as he reminisces )

Lex: first. I couldn't sleep knowing that earth was a mistake away from becoming a play ground for beings of immense power.

Bruce: this kryptonion seems different from his angry and vengeful friends.

Lex : don't let it fool you, flying around with bright colours and all, but it's not going to be "friendly" forever.

Bruce:look Lex, I've pooled my resources to help with the re building of downtown metropolis, But this Kal ha..

Lex: Alien. ( his face is dead serious)

Bruce: this KAl-El has helped rebuild and lowered metropolis' crime. In short, these are not the actions of a monster. The way I see it, as horrible as it was, he stopped our very existence from ending. From ENDING Lex.

( Lex scratches his throat )

Bruce:whatever you're doing, you're wasting valuable time. there is still plenty to do for metropolis.

( lex smiles at Bruce )

Lex: time will tell. The alien will fall from his high horse, no one is that altruistic.

( Alfred approaches with company )

Alfred: a Mr Victor Stone, master Bruce.

(Bruce swivels and opens his arms wide)

Bruce: well now this is a treat, ( gets up and looks at lex) I haven't seen this enormous mountain of a man since watching him play collage football! Too busy in the big leagues these days I bet.

( Bruce leaves an indifferent lex to shake victors hands )

Vic stone : it's nice to see you too Mr Wayne. It has been some time, your looking good for a man pushing fifty. What's in the water over in Gotham?

( Bruce gestures Vic to sit with them as lex politely introduces himself )

Bruce: how's your dad? I hear he's making all kinds of incredible things over at star labs.

( victors eyes are drawn to the game out of force of habit )

Vic stone: he's good yeah. He's still trying to get me to put on the white coat, seems being an athlete confuses him, he doesn't get why I chose a career in football over standing at his side in star labs. It's been a while since talking to him to be honest. But he's good. Crazier than usual actually.

Lex: your father is a brilliant man Mr Stone, it's thanks to his systems that lexcorp runs efficiently and flawless.

Vic stone: if he comes out of that underground bunker I'll thank him for you.

Bruce: your father understands better than you think victor. Besides, life's too short, take it from the orphan.

( Alfred cuts in )
Alfred: master Wayne, Wayne enterprise has called, they need your approval.

( Bruce nods and quickly slaps lex and Vic's shoulders )

Bruce: my apologies gentlemen, business is business.

( Bruce gets to the door then turns)
Bruce: and victor? You're a damn fine athlete, you do whatever makes you happy.

(Victor smiles and nods )

(Lex shouts)
Lex: offer still stands for Saturday Bruce, don't be afraid to question the alien!

- now in the hallway-

Bruce: whatever I'm doing Saturday, cancel it.

Alfred: right you are sir. Should I prepare your "dinner suit" sir?

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