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Default Re: wat if they built up to x men, like avengers?

Imagine if they released a film titled Wolverine in 2000, then Cyclops in 2001, then Jean Grey in 2002 and finally Storm in 2003 then the all-ensemble X-Men film in 2004. The first all-ensemble X-Men might be perform huge with the 4-films that led to it...

But the thing about the solo-films for those characters I've mentioned, is they could appear as lower-scaled films to the general adience and there wouldn't be much excitement to them unlike X1/X2 back in 2000/2003 because the solo films aren't featuring characters such as Colossus, Iceman, Rogue, Shadowcat, Magneto, Professor X, Mystique. And Cyclops, Jean, Storm and Wolverine aren't together in every film. Maybe some of those characters will appear in cameo roles/featuring roles but just a few of them. They are origin stories and we would be seeing obscure comic-book characters for the films of Cyclops, Jean, Storm and Wolverine, unless they make characters like Mystique as an archenemy of Jean or Storm, or try to incorporate characters like Mystique, Rogue in their origin story.

It worked for the Avengers but if you look at it, they kinda copied the same model in the comics. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America started as their own thing and a few years/decades, they became a part of an all-star superhero team which is The Avengers. With the X-Men, most of the characters appeared in the X-Men titles first and not their own comic-book issue.

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