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Default Re: Superman Returns Appreciation Thread

I’ve posted this link before (and here it is again ). It takes you to a critical analysis of Superman Returns that I wrote some time ago.

My thesis is that SR functions as a deconstruction - and then reconstruction - of the hero mythos. Essentially: the hero must always exist as an idealized outsider; and any attempt at normalization will either fail (the outsider remains outside) or completes/ends the hero’s journey. Now if that sounds like a somewhat melancholy theme, I agree. But I also find it fascinating.

Also: my goal with the essay was to write a pure critique of SR. Many of the pro-SR posts I had read seemed to be reactions against anti-SR posts (e.g., explaining why a given criticism was wrong, flawed or otherwise unfair). And I wanted to explore what I considered to be the film’s virtues - without resorting to “defensiveness.” (Been there, done that already. )

Note: if you read my piece (it's a tad long), you might notice that it’s written in a “formal, academic” style. That was deliberate (as a kind of inside joke).

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