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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

I think there are plenty of way to have Batman vs Superman without hurting either of their images at all.

Quite frankly it wouldn't be a very good movie if the alien from outer space just wipes the floor with the human from Gotham and it wouldn't be much fun if Batman got a trump card similar to that crap we saw in superman returns.

I never want another superman who is a ***** with no powers, Superman should be strong and powerful even when stripped of his powers, she should just take a damn beating and not fight back.

I think it should basically be a situation where Superman is slowly reduced of his powers forcing Bats to fight a weakened but superior foe who gradually weakens to a point in which Batman wins.

Thus keeping both fan bases happy while creating an environment in which both heroes can show respect and admiration for each other, in fact both should have their asses pretty much whipped by end with a Mortal batman standing at the end but questioning what he has done and who really benefits from what he has done.

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