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Default Did the backlash over Batman & Robin scare Fox from doing more colourful costumes?

In 1997 Batman & Robin released.

I was 12 at the tine and i'll admit i played with the toys back then.

That movie dented CBMs hard as most would agree.

The quality was low and it ushered in the Bat-Nipple fiasco.

The movie was highly critisized for the campy, & kiddie approach to the visual style which had lots of neon and bright coloured lairs and so on. The costumes which not only had the infamous nipples and copious cotch, bum and boob shot were twoard the end much more brighly coloured. Lots of silver highlights to be exact.

The first theatrical Marvel movie debuted the following year with Blade which was basically just badass vampire hunter in black armour, he wasn't a superhero really and most didn't even know he was a Marvel character.

The next Marvel movie due was X-Men, the biggest and most popular Marvel team.

The costumes were black leather with very suttle lines of colours, they existed soley to unite them under a team look when on missions.


Did Batman & Robins reception, of both the campy tone, neony visuals, the Bat-Nipples and comicky costumes of Ivy, Bane, Freeze & Silvery trio of hero costumes scare Fox away from having colourful costumes in X-Men?


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