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Default Re: Worst X-Men Movie?

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
I chose Last Stand. The movie tried to tell both the Phoenix story and the Cure story and the end result hurt both.

Origins was more entertaining to me, Weapon Xi didn't bother me that much as it wasn't really Deadpool, and they didn't advertise Deadpool like Mandarin was advertised.

I like Blob and Victor quite a bit.

The Phoenis story was set up from the first movie with Jean being shown as still learning, the wave looked to have triggered something in her by her expression. Then in X2 her powers were starting to go out of control and of course her burning before her sacrifice. Everything was set for the third acto to complete the story and while some of it was okay, i hated her being Magnetos puppet and just standing there most of the time.
We are In agreement.I have called the last stand worst X-Men film.Yeah worse than Origins.While neither film Is great If forced to Inless I am doing a
X-Men film Marathon I would prefer origins over Last Stand.

Last stand was followup to one of best comic book films ever-X2 and failed

I am not big fan of deadpool In origins but the mandarian In Iron Man 3 makes
deadpool look good.At least you had Ryan Reynolds somewhat close to deadpool during team X mission part of film.

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