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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
The difference is that SR did show how Superman recharged his cells by flying towards the sun. TDKR simply forgot about the thing.

You didn't like it? Was it not enough? Maybe so, but they addressed the subject.

Exactly what in the movie makes you suspect that Lois knew?


Wrong. He went with Lois because he knew that she wasn't in love with Richard as she had refused to marry him even when he had proposed, so it was possible that she was with Richard just out of spite. They flew together and AFTER that Lois said 'I'm sorry, it's too late, cannot do this to Richard' and Superman stepped back and never again flirt with her.

What does the crystals' theft have to do with the beating scene? His crystals cannot defeat him. Kryptonite does.

So the kryptonite weakened Superman. How is that cheap?
He was so weak n almost got killed when the K was not even near him. After recharge, he can hold the weight of an island when a piece of K inside him and tons of K above his head directly???

There r many reasons people dont get marry even they r in love. Maybe Lois doesn't believe in marriage. Come on. She has a kid with the other guy! It's okay for him to flirt her to test her further??? What if Lois kissed him back, wanna get laid???

If Clark was slightly brighter, he would connect the dots... lex escaped jail term, missing crystals, stolen rare minerals from museum.

I don't know... u r so generous to SR, yet u r so harsh with MOS. At least when I watch MOS, I don't have to press the forward key. I can enjoy it through wholly.

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