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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
In one word, yes.

But the kryptonite inside the island started torge when he was in space.

Or maybe it's like it happened in the movie: according to Jimmy Olsen she "hates that question," when referring to when Lois and Richard are "tying the knot." She is okay with him - we can see that in the movie - but she doesn't love him. In fact, she lies to him when she tells Richard she wasn't in love with Superman during the events of STM.

No, I'm afraid this is far worse than just not believing in marriage.

Given that Superman has reasons to believe Lois is not in love, they both has the right to know.

Now, if Lois had kissed him back and gone for a further relationship, it's her right as an adult to choose who she wants to be with. But she didn't, so I assume you're not going to rant against things that didn't happen.

So, why would Clark assume there was kryptonite involved? All he knows about it is what Lois said "There was a museum robbery last night, even Superman missed that." No minerals were mentioned.

Because characters that were all about life let their dad die and threw giant spaceships against buildings, and because those dads that traditionally instilled strong morals in the hero are now saying that the right thing to do is let people die. But your posts against SR sometimes have wrong events or things that didn't happen (or not in the right order).
The Kryptonite didn't even start to emerge, he was already as weak as a kid not got beaten around. well u r convinced, good for u.

It's her choice??? Wow... so if she ok, he'll ok??? where the high morale standard has gone to which u have hold it against superman in MOS???

Maybe the execution wasn't so good, but we knew that they tried to make pa kent a normal protective father in MOS. However, Lois was made a total ***** in SR! Pa Kent just a glimpse, while Lois is everywhere!

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