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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
The Kryptonite didn't even start to emerge, he was already as weak as a kid not got beaten around. well u r convinced, good for u.
It's what's in the movie. Superman gets to see the kryptonite beneath the island surface when he feels weak. But when he's lifting the island, the kryptonite only emerges later (I assume the lower part of the island was thicker so kryptonite took longer to emerge).

And then we have the sun re-charge in between.

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
It's her choice??? Wow... so if she ok, he'll ok??? where the high morale standard has gone to which u have hold it against superman in MOS???
It's not like they would jump on a bed immediately. But if she doesn't love Richard (refuses to marry him, lies to him), why would she keep being with him?

Anyways, if you ask for high moral, SR had Lois saying no and Superman respecting that. But it's more fun to argue about what did not happen in the movie, I assume.

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Maybe the execution wasn't so good, but we knew that they tried to make pa kent a normal protective father in MOS. However, Lois was made a total ***** in SR! Pa Kent just a glimpse, while Lois is everywhere!
Lois has always been portrayed as impulsive, reckless and superficial when it's about men. It's the case of the Donnerverse. That's why she is crazy about Supes, but despises Clark Kent. So Lois in SR is not different.

Pa Kent has always been the one who instilled morals in Clark, the one who taught him to value life above everything else. Going precisely against all that is far more than a glimpse (and Clark not saving him was even worse).

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