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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
No, I don't have any reason to stop.

I specified it was the case of the Donnerverse (in comics, I am aware, there have been different approaches). That friendship she displays with Clark in the Donnerverse, while honest, has a lot of pity and sympathy. She knows him, but she would never ever take him seriously. But not knowing much about Superman, she fell for him instantly.
Thank you for clarifying that you think this only applies to Donnerverse/SR Lois. It sounded like a broad character generalization you were applying to Lois Lane, and not just a specific incarnation. As it is...she still does not despise Clark. I don't agree with your interpretation of their relationship, but as you say she feels pity and sympathy for him which are not emotions one shows toward someone they despise. I think you should rethink using that word.

But by all means...carry on defending SR. This is you right on the I, of course, will go on hating it because that's my right too.

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