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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Again though, pity is not an emotion someone has for someone they despise. That was my main beef with your wording. As it is...I still think you need to watch STM and SII again. I happened to watch both STM and SII yesterday, and while I agree Lois feels some pity for Clark, and has a crush on Superman. One of the reasons she feels pity for Clark is he goes out of his way to act like a complete buffoon around her. Or...he acts so incredibly wimpy and meek he seems a little deserving of pity. Lois is actually trying to be a friend to Clark because she thinks he's...a bit of boob, and she wants to help him not be that way because she considers him a friend. It might be and would be wrong of her to think that way if he wasn't actually acting like a boob. Conversely, when he's Superman, he's all macho and hot, and he's flirting with her! Why wouldn't Lois have a crush on Superman, when he's clearly crushing on her?

Again, it's like you'll say anything to defend SR... C'mon...
Re-word, re-phrase it the way you want. The Lois-Clark relationship was based on STM and follows that. And the whole point of this was that sf2 was outraged that Lois was not a role model. And she has never been one in the Donnerverse.

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
I, of course, will go on hating it
Weren't you a haterphobic?

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