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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
If Clark was slightly brighter, he would connect the dots... lex escaped jail term, missing crystals, stolen rare minerals from museum.
One of the problems with kryptonite (among several) is that’s it’s a short-range weapon. Commonly, it’s used in its “raw” form (a single meteorite) - so necessarily, Superman has to be tricked into approaching it. Sample any number of stories from the Silver Age and note the creatively wacky booby-traps and ambushes used. Now Supes might be forgiven for falling for these schemes once, twice or even three times. But eventually, he starts to come across as excessively gullible. Given the apparent ubiquity of kryptonite (every villain seemed to have access to the stuff ) why doesn’t he take more precautions? Of course, if Supes could anticipate and forestall every attempted use of kryptonite, it would negate the very point of giving him an Achilles Heel. Ultimately, you might have to treat the use of kryptonite like the glasses disguise: it doesn’t quite make sense, but we “give it a wink” as a decades-old convention.

Or… don’t “give it a wink” and call it a sloppy and overused trope that makes Supes look dumb. But if so, that’s an issue for the mythos as whole and not particularly unique to SR.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Yeah Singer got the whole Lois & Clark dynamic wrong, she wasn't dismissive of him in the Reeve series. She was his friend, infact she was always trying to help him come out of his shell. In Superman Returns she pretty much ignored him, infact it pissed me off when she asked him about his trip them totally blanked him after that. Singer may have paid homage to the Donner films but he didn't understand that dynamic.
Classically, Superman-Clark-Lois constitutes a love “triangle.” And while Clark is clearly interested in Lois, she (depending on the iteration) either ignores Clark or is romantically torn between him and Superman. Often, this dynamic has been played for laughs (Hey, isn’t it funny that the guy Lois rejects is really the guy she pines for? ) And to the extent it’s more nuanced, it paints Supes/Clark as dysfunctional and Lois as shallow.

In SR, Clark was pretty much sidelined as any sort of legitimate love interest and Richard replaced him as the third point in the triangle. Essentially, Richard was a better version of what Clark (ostensibly) represented. And in dramatic/thematic terms, that was more interesting.

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