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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Classically, Superman-Clark-Lois constitutes a love “triangle.” And while Clark is clearly interested in Lois, she (depending on the iteration) either ignores Clark or is romantically torn between him and Superman. Often, this dynamic has been played for laughs (Hey, isn’t it funny that the guy Lois rejects is really the guy she pines for? ) And to the extent it’s more nuanced, it paints Supes/Clark as dysfunctional and Lois as shallow.

In SR, Clark was pretty much sidelined as any sort of legitimate love interest and Richard replaced him as the third point in the triangle. Essentially, Richard was a better version of what Clark (ostensibly) represented. And in dramatic/thematic terms, that was more interesting.
When I said Singer got it wrong what I meant was he got it wrong as a continuation of the Donner films. The dynamic in those between Clark and Lois wasn't her ignoring him, they were clearly friends.

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