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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Fair enough, but what I was responding to was what you said in response to that. I think we have clarified Lois did not despise Clark in STM and SII. She did consider him a friend. She wasn't some superficial harlot who ignored him in favor of Superman. Superman was clearly crushing on her and the feeling was mutual. I am glad that is clear.

In my opinion SR Lois was cold. I didn't get a lot of warmth or energy from her, and I blame that completely on Singer and Bosworth. She was upset with Superman (rightfully so) because he left without saying goodbye when they were clearly (?) in a relationship. Because of the vague history, it's unclear what was going on, or why she's really mad, so it comes off as cold. The vague explanation is what hampers truly exploring the relationship because Singer didn't actually follow the Donnerverse, he just picked certain elements that he wanted for his depressing Superman flick.
Well, Clark was out for 5 years (and I'm sure that he didn't say good-bye either). And more than a friendship, Lois was compassionate to him. When we compare her to Lana Lang, we see that it's Lana who accepts Clark the way he is, clumsy and everything. Lois is all for the colorful muscular Superman.

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Well, in the classic triangle, Lois’s romantic dilemma is essentially a sham. Whether she chooses noble-but-ordinary (Clark) or the romantic ideal (Superman), she’ll ultimately be rewarded with “both.”

In SR, where the options aren’t conflated, Lois’s choice is real, has real significance and implications. And that makes it intrinsically more dramatic.
Exactly. This time we see Clark actually jealous, not just pretending. And thank god we didn't get the average usual arrogant idiot we all can hate. Singer went for a more adult take in which things are not black and white, easy to solve. When we get the usual arrogant idiot, we know from the start who's going to get the girl and who's going to lose, and all's fine and dandy at the end.

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