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Default Re: Did the backlash over Batman & Robin scare Fox from doing more colourful costumes

Know one really knows. The obvious answer is yes, but Singer's desire was to ground the characters in reality as much as possible. To what degree of that desicision was dictated by Fox is anyone's guess. X1 and X2 are both great (X2 a classic), but I'm still waiting on the day when we get a full team shot of the X-Men similar to the Avengers 360 crowd pleaser, where the mutants are dressed in all their comic book glory! Instead of waiting on a Chitauri attack, they're being surrounded by Sentinels. Just imagine if that had been the first incarnation of the X-Men that we ever saw on screen...It would have set the internet on fire and made the DoFP hype look like a zippo.

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