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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by BattleAngel View Post
Well, I seem to the only person interested in this thread. So here's a little update for anyone else who may be reading. It's an idea I had and originally posted in the Ben Affleck IS Batman thread, but I guess it belongs here more. I imagine the following storyline definitely crossing over with a Woody Harrelson or Matthew McC Freeze, probably with a teamup at some point as was mentioned above.

I am really looking forward to Affleck's Bruce Wayne. I think he's going to be a bit more of a hollywood-esque take on the new 52 Bruce, who really knows how to work a press conference (for me, most memorably at the end of the Red Hood zero year arc)...

Now I know Court of Owls is not very well loved on this site, but I love how Bruce's construction projects sort of put the whole thing into motion. I also thought that the Lincoln March character was a nifty invention.

Most hate the twist, but I don't. I think that with some tweaks, it could be the basis for a great Sherlock Holmes-esque detective story with some great, dark action. I like the ambiguity of that ending.

I started thinking about actors who could play Lincoln March... With a little bulking up (hey Gal Gadot and Ben are both going to have to bust their ass, and the guy I'm about to suggest is a real hard worker, whatever you think of him...), I think this guy would be an amazing outside-the-box suggestion for a villain that would work great in a modern big budget detective story Batman movie directed by Affleck.

Here are some images I made to back up my suggestion:

Do you recognize that chin? The resemblance of his expression there to the actual drawing is *scary.*

Dude has the perfect stupid smile that Lincoln always shows throughout the story.

Yeah, he'd have to get into better shape, but I can just really see it.

Plus, he looks the part of someone with potentially deep ties to Affleck's Bruce. They'd make a good pair of billionares at press conferences. One of them a bit of a stiff (Bruce), the other a really affable guy (March).

Anyway, the only reason I thought of it is because I think Ben Affleck's Bruce makes MacFarlane's March work. He's a known box office super star, a damn good creative himself, and this could be a really interesting chance for him to do something other than his normal shtick.

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