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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Serious. Seth is going to make an attempt at something serious one day, and Lincoln March is... well... Bat-***** crazy. Bat movies are notorious for casting outside of the box, and I just can see him playing an affable, popular, warm hearted billionaire who the public loves and who seems to be more popular than Bruce Wayne, who secretly is an absolute nut case with a single-white-female style complex like no other. Casey Affleck would be great, but he IS Ben's brother and that's distracting. The Thomas Wayne Jr. role is supposed to be ambiguous - is he really related to Bruce? In my mind, he's not really related to Bruce, and it's all part of his incredibly sad story. MacFarlane is a big box office draw, a super talented & hard working guy, and it could be pitched to the main public as simply a dramatic supporting character who then turns out to be the big bad (most of the public doesn't know Court of Owls). It just seems like a perfect example of Hollywood going outside the box, which happens more and more these days (thus, I guess, making it "inside the box" after all). I'll admit it's weird, but MacFarlane is going to go serious at some point, and playing a Batman villain seems like an auspicious way to do it. I doubt it will ever happen, but to me, he's the perfect choice if this character and story arc were ever used in a feature film... which I'm sure it won't be.

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