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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

or another interesting route would be to do a trilogy with theme focused on batman and jokers relationship and just have cameos of the other villains.

I think it would be ballsy to start the movie with Jason established as robin as nightwing will be established in B vs S.
Joker escapes arkham and batman wants robin to retire for his safety telling him tales ( flashbacks )of how ruthless he is.
Then near the end of the film have Joker kill robin.

The mainstream audience will be gobsmacked and blown away.
and the film could be a love note to Batman and Jokers relationship and death in the family and debuting Jason to mainstream audience.

Then they could do a Batman vs Superman 2. Where Batman is gone crazy for revenge and wants to kill Joker, while Superman tries to stop him cos of what Batman would have thought him about not killing in Batman vs Superman 1...

If you wanted to go further you could do Batman 2 after B vs S 2 and have Batgirl being crippled by Joker and then Nightwing kills him. Batman then resussitates joker back to life so dick won't have blood on his hands and then exiles nightwing as a vigilante in Gotham, and that's when he goes to Bludhaven.

and Batman 3 could be set some time after and Tim does his thing and reunites Bruce and dick and becomes the new robin.

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