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Originally Posted by milost View Post
Begins is on AMC right now like Batman '89 and Dark Knight a few weeks ago.

Bale's Batman voice is pretty much pitch perfect as I watch it. He never goes over the top and gets the right tone. For the interpretation, I'd say it's on par with Keaton and Conroy for what it is. The scenes with Gordon and Dawes are particularly well done, it's like Bale was channeling those two (Conroy and Keaton) but with his own twist, even right down to the whispers.

Whoever was in charge of the obnoxious change in the later two made a serious mistake. I just don't get it. It doesn't sound like he's in control, it sounds like he can't breathe and is struggling to express himself. I find it hard to believe that Bale would just go in that direction on his own based on his great screen test and performance in Begins. Makes no sense to me. The fact that they didn't take the criticisms it received and made it even worse and over the top in TDKR is just baffling.

As for Bane, initially I was with everyone else with the first two screenings of TDKR, I couldn't understand a damn word he was saying and was getting frustrated by it like I was with the prologue. When Nolan came out and said it "doesn't really matter what he says" infuriated me. At the time, even Gordon was mumbling like the "shackles" speech when he was sitting down in front of the TV. I remember on my second viewing I was all ears at that exact scene just to hear it and it still came out like gibberish.

Then people translated Bane with the Magnus Rex script and it was all understandable, even that nonsense during the first fight with Batmab an the pit scene. Now when I see those scenes, I know what he's saying but the voice just irritates the hell out of me. There's his speech outside Blackgate that is particularly cringeworthy. He sounds like and old, elderly chap struggling to tell everyone that his diaper needs changed through and oxygen mask. "To my shame, build a lie around this fallen idol", please just STFU.
His voice was much better in Rises. Much clearer in certain scenes, which was never really the case in TDK. We all said it during the era of TDKR trailers, that it sounded somewhere between Begins and Knight and that's what it was. Growlier than Begins, clearer than Dark Knight. Some scenes he spoke normally under the cowl like in BB. Other times he sounded just like the previous movie.

I dont understand how people can't understand Bane. The original prologue? Sure, but even that was exaggerated. The final product was crystal clear for me, even when they didnt do ADR with Hardy, i could still understand it. The blackgate speech was one of two or three big scenes in the film where they did ADR. I still love the original prologue voice over the new one but i love em' both. And i wish we would hear the original voice during the blackgate speech because it would be less "charismatic" than the one we have. And Milost when you say he sounds like an older man struggling, well, that was the point of the voice and the character. He stuggles to breathe, he has an accent because of where he's from, and he speaks like a wise older man. I dig the whole thing, love the voice.

His speech in front of the prison has me feeling entertained when he makes the hand gestures with the voice (like Ledger has me laughing because of how entertaining he is) then at certain points when they start the montage i get shivers during that speech. It goes back and forth from being this showman kinda thing to being pretty dark because of what he's talking about.

Like the batvoice, it's not everybodys cup of tea. It's an acquired taste. Even Ledger's voice and pitch was a risk. Actors trying to do something different. Luckily for me the batvoice and banevoice met my tastes just fine.

Ive always supported the "voice" decisions that Ledger, Bale and Hardy made. Hardys voice is one of my favorite things in the entire trilogy actually. I have a blast imitating that voice because i love it. It's both hilarious and frightening during some scenes. A great balance. I think the ADR stuff is what makes it funny and easy to make fun of though. Id love to hear the entire movie with ALL of Tom's original takes. Whether people understand it or not, who cares. One of the things i heard someone say back in 2011 was "I didnt understand a few lines but i didnt care because it just sounded frightening, mechanical.."

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc

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