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I don't think it's appropriate for Bane and Batman to sound "funny", I shouldn't be laughing at them at any point, or see so many parodies mocking how bad they sound.

Ledger's Joker? There's ZERO criticism towards his performance and rightfully so. He never sounded obnoxious, he was always crystal clear and he's arguably the best character and performance in the three films. He's not even in it for that long and he manages to be a stand out from the whole thing. I don't think a single soul has criticized his voice or attitude, he was perfect. Was his performance a risk? Maybe, but it paid off and got him high praise, even won him an Oscar. Can't say the same thing about Bane or Batman who sound and act like sluggish, mumbling mental defectives holding their noses shut. Ledger could go from silly and fun to serious and frightening from scene to scene. Bane is just monotonous and boring.

I'll give you the Water boy gestures Bane makes during the speech, I'll admit that it was amusing. The eyes the lies, it was fun. One scene though? Ehhh, Bane shouldn't make me lol. He's fun to make fun of, sure, but I don't think that's what Nolan had in mind. Mocking him was fun, the memes, parodies, "ovvv cawse" bird call, the gifs and "friend zone" antics were entertaining in 2012. But now? I see a missed opportunity for the villain in terms of his on film career. A villain we probably won't see again.

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