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Bane doesn't sound funny to me in the movie, but it's funny to imitate his voice and exaggerate the pitch while saying different ****.

I know people who cant stand Bale's voice and others who love it, even when they imitate it. Just because it's easy to imitate doesn't mean it's bad. It's like Darth Vader. He's still one of the greatest and threatening villains of all time. You might even laugh at the breath and everything. It's not so black and white.

Ive heard some people online say they didnt care for the lick lipping, etc with Heath...yeah i's crazy. But i feel the same if somebody online says Bane's voice sucks. I enjoy it just as much as Ledger's to be honest.

I disagree with what you just said about Bane being monotonous and boring. I find he's quite the opposite. To each his own!

I thought the voice and everything Tom did made Bane better. I didnt want to see some tough guy with a straight ahead boring tough guy voice. Or sounding like an exaggerated Latino voice. Id rather an eastern european Connery type with a strong hint of Darth Vader! It was a cool mix of influences, when put together sounds like its own thing.

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