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Default Re: Superman Returns Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Goshdarn Batman View Post
Reasons I like Superman Returns:

1. There was no unnecessary origin story or scenes from Krypton. Everyone knows who Superman came from, and who he is... even my grandmother knew who Superman was, and she didn't even read comics.

2. The plane sequence is fantastic. For me it's one of the best action scenes in a superhero movie. It shows off Superman's strength, it's dramatic and exciting. It was a good way to introduce Superman again.

3. Richard White wasn't that stereotypical bully we often see in movies. The jerk who steals girlfriends, bullies people, cheats on the girl etc. He was a good man and a hero.

4. The scene on the rooftop where the badguy shoots Superman in the eye. I like how calm Superman is, he just walks straight up to the guy and waits. He doesn't blink, or throw a punch. He doesn't have to.

5. Superman flying around in Metropolis, saving people from glass, falling objects and explosions. It shows that Superman really cares about the people he's here to save, just like in Superman the movie. No good deed is too small for him.

6. Superman isn't the only hero in the movie. Lois Lane saves Superman, and Richard tries to save Lois and her son. I like scenes where regular people aren't just stupid and helpless.

7. Superman lifts the kryptonite island. Probably my favorite part of the movie! It was totally unexpected to se him lift something THAT heavy. I've heard some people call the scene stupid, and "unrealistic! Superman would die because of the kryptonite!". But I don't think they really understand that scene... It reminds me of the first movie when Lois dies. He's pushing himself beyond his limits because of his anger and sorrow. In Returns, we see the same. His will to save the planet gives him the extra strength to lift the island, fly away with it and throw it into space.

That's the way I see it, anyway.

8. Superman in the hospital. Very emotional. All the people outside the hospital to show their support. Lois and the son, his mother... I almost believed that he was going to die myself.

9. Superman's speech to his son. Like Jor-El and Clark in the first movie, except that Superman is alive, and will be there to guide his son. Nice.

10. The ending. Right before the credits, when Superman flies in front of the camera and away. Great way to end the movie, as in the Christopher Reeve movies.

I will probably get killed for this, but I like Superman Returns a little better than Man of Steel. It's not perfect, but it's a good enough Superman movie.
cool. and don't worry your preference will be respected. i think i will appreciate the movie more if the main storyline is different.

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