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How is it like Vader? The only time Vader was criticized was the prequels (Anakin bastardization) and "noooooooooooooo"!

Vader is an older, wiser villain, a strongmen and even the inspiration for Bane. But he doesn't sound like a PoS. You'd be hard pressed to find someone criticize the iconic breathing or the strong vocal performance by James Earle Jones. That voice synthesizer was fantastic and a staple of the character. Comparing Bane to him is insulting to good ole' Darth who is probably the ultimate villain.

Now I know your example of imitating the voice, but people that impersonate it (or Lecter, Nicholson, Ledger, Terminator, Robocop, Daniel Day Lewis etc.) aren't mocking it. With Bane it seems more like mocking, like "haha man this is so bad it's good". There's a difference between impersonating and mocking. A better comparison for Bane would be Jeff Goldblum or Adam Sandler parodies. It's iconic because it's infamous, just like the Bale whereizdatriigerz Bat voice.

As for the point of Joker/Ledger and his tongue wagging, okay? But how about the voice, how about audibility, or the demeanor and swagger. Ledger Joker was never criticized by the public like freakin' Bane. Just look at the prologue receptions. How many people were like "damn Nolan, change that bank heist performance by Ledger". When people first heard Ledger's voice in the teaser they were all excited and pumped saying it sounded like Beetlejuice? Bane's first voice hitting the sound waves in Pittsburgh? "That can't be real, Hardy is just messing around. No way would Nolan make him sound like an old Sean Connery/Humongous love child".

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