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For real though, i actually haven't heard people "make fun of" Bane's voice, only imitate it. Anything i see online or for real, when it comes to mimicking Bane's voice, just has to do with people enjoying the voice. Im sure there are people who hate it, but i just haven't seen it myself.

Personally though? I dont think anything has to be changed just so 100 percent or 90 percent of people can enjoy it more. I hate that. Even if the majority hated Bane's voice (which i dont believe to be true. Id like to see a poll)..i still dont think it should have been changed. You do what you do, if they like it then that's good enough. You cant please everybody.

It doesnt matter what people think. People will love and hate everything. You hated it. I loved it. Let's just agree to disagree.

As for Bale's IS the topic right? So by all means let's keep on discussing with others.

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